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Customizable CCTV Solutions for Drilling Rigs and Marine Vessels

Monitor Systems Engineering offers reliable and effective CCTV solutions designed to keep your drilling or marine vessel operations running smoothly and safely. Our customizable camera systems are suitable for both safe and hazardous areas, and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Customizable Camera Systems

We understand that drilling and marine vessels present unique operating environments where cameras can be subjected to harsh conditions, explosive atmospheres, and high vibration. That is why our rugged CCTV systems are highly customizable.

We can provide new system solutions as well as full and partial upgrades to existing analog CCTV systems. Utilizing hybrid digital-analog racks, we can provide new IP CCTV based systems while retaining and integrating existing analog units into the new server configuration, making the initial upgrade more cost-efficient while allowing for future new IP-based camera to be seamlessly integrated. Monitor Systems works with a variety of CCTV camera manufacturers to provide you with the best possible solution.

We offer a range of camera types suitable for various applications, including monitoring of drilling operations, deck operations, and accommodation areas. Our systems can be designed to meet your specific needs, and are scalable from single camera systems to full asset coverage.

CCTV Hybrid Server and ATEX ClientsHarsh Environment CCTV Cameras


Flexible Control Options

Our CCTV systems can be interacted with via touch screen, keyboard and mouse, or joystick, giving you complete control over your system. We offer safe and hazardous area clients for live view and remote playback, allowing you to monitor your operations in real-time or review footage as needed.

Our server racks are configured to suit your storage and access needs.


Expertise in the Industry

At Monitor Systems Engineering, we have years of experience providing top-quality CCTV solutions for both offshore and onshore environments, from accommodation barges to drilling and marine vessels to land rigs.


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