Monitor Systems Engineering

Our People Matter

our people matter

Monitor Systems are a truly innovative engineering company specialising in electrical and electronic instrumentation and monitoring solutions. Our reputation has been built by striving to understand our client’s needs and building long term relationships, developed through project performance, honesty and trust.

Monitor Systems have some of the best and brightest project managers, operations managers and technical engineers who are committed to project excellence, their customers and a desire to be always one step ahead.

It's through our people that Monitor Systems are able to understand and meet the true needs of our clients by continuing to commit and invest in our people, through training and personal development. Monitor Systems can continue to build on this unique asset and ensure our people continually outperform.

Working together: Monitor Systems encourage teamwork at all times and have an in-house culture of 'one team - combined strength'. By working together, being honest and delivering excellence in everything we do, Monitor Systems can make a real difference.

True integration at ground level ensures that everyone at Monitor Systems is committed to delivering 'integrated solutions' through working together, taking personal responsibility and being proud to be a 'team player', driving improvements throughout the business.

A Combined Strength and a Winning Combination: By combining our expertise, skills, resources and expertise gained working in oversees markets, Monitor Systems provides a unique total service solution to hazardous and non-hazardous industrial and offshore environments.

Monitor Systems has a strong commitment to client service encouraging good communications through direct access to our engineers throughout client projects. Monitor System’s range of capabilities includes project management, site surveys and analysis, system design, manufacture, installation and commissioning.