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Engine and Machinery Alarm Monitoring

Machinery Alarm Monitoring
Engine and Machinery Alarm Monitoring

Monitor System’s Machinery Alarm Monitoring System provides a visual and audible management tool covering the operating status of motors, pumps, fans, generators and other electro-mechanical utilities.

Measuring key functions such as speed, temperature, oil pressure, vibration, exhaust gas, water coolant, bearing temperatures etc across the full range of rig machinery equipment. Management data is transmitted to touch screen panels in both the control room and the mechanical or electrical workshop (or other specified location). Audio-visual alarms indicating problems or malfunctions are not only shown on the control panel(s), but also by a series of klaxon alarms placed in operational deck areas.

The system is designed to ensure alarms are acknowledged and action is taken immediately to save downtime and high replacement or repair costs. Based on a PLC with HMI graphics depicting all connected equipment, Monitor System’s Engine and Machinery Alarm Monitoring process can be tailored to suit varying individual applications and has considerable capacity for expansion to handle additional plant and equipment.


System Details:

High Performance Reliability


Reporting Critical Data


Visible / Audible Alarms