Monitor Systems Engineering

Gas Detection System and CCTV for Land Rig.

Multiple systems delivered for land drilling campaign in West Africa


Monitor Systems have recently delivered new wirelessly connected gas detection and CCTV systems to a land rig in West Africa. The new gas system was provided with new combustible gas and H2S sensors. The CCTV system was provided with new cameras and pre-configured to allow connection of existing cameras that the client wanted to retain.

Land Rig at Night

Client Requirements

Monitor Systems were approached to engineer and build the new systems to meet industry requirements and guarantee system reliability well into the future.

Due to the flexible layout of land rigs to suit drilling operations it was requested that the systems have specific features to simplify rigging up and down the installation:

  • Wireless connectivity between the CCTV server and the CCTV Client stations as well as wireless connectivity between the gas detection PLC and remote field instrumentation.
  • Bulkhead mounted connectors on panels and cable mounted connectors to allow quick connection & disconnection of the system.

The wireless networks were designed to accommodate the maximum potential separation distance of the rig components and tested before implementation. Panel mount bulkhead connectors are keyed to prevent incorrect assembly during rig-up procedures.


Land Rig at Night

Simple but Superior

The gas system consists of four CH4 & four H2S sensors. The sensors are connected to a Siemens S7-1500 series PLC. Audio/visual alarms are activated at multiple locations if gas is detected and the area and sensor status can be viewed on the system HMI. Additionally warning and alarm LEDs are fitted to the panel.

A secure remote access SCALANCE is provided with the system for remote support when required. This, when enabled by the rig crew, allows a Monitor Systems Engineer to access the system via a secure Siemens SINEMA server from our headquarters in Aberdeen or anywhere in the world.

Brian Sinclair - Managing Director commented - "It's fantastic to see our engineer's and technicians turn out two systems for this land rig on a tight timescale while maintaining the same high standards we adhere to on all our projects."

Installation & Commissioning

All new enclosures were designed to fit into the areas available without modifications to the room structures or surrounding enclosures.

A Monitor Systems engineer attended the installation in West Africa to complete the commissioning of the system.