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Group News: December 2013

Reverse Osmosis Watermaker Supply and Installation

Sedco 711 Semi-Submersible

Reverse Osmosis Watermaker Supply and Installation

Monitor Systems Engineering are proud to be the exclusive UK (North Sea) distribution partner for C’treat Watermakers. With nearly 30 years of innovative engineering technological development and field testing, along with hundreds of systems installed and operating worldwide, Monitor Systems watermakers combine the latest proven technology and advances in reverse osmosis watermakers (desalination watermakers). Monitor Systems can supply the most simple, reliable and economical desalination watermakers for the offshore oil and gas industry. As a combined strength, Monitor Systems have a qualified in-house team of engineers that can SUPPLY, COMMISSION and SUPPORT reverse osmosis desalination watermakers.

Monitor Systems recently supplied the Sedco 711 Semi-submersible rig with a new reverse osmosis watermaker system. Monitor Systems provides its customers with reliable and economical supplies of fresh water, generated from seawater using the reverse osmosis process, and is committed to increasing customer satisfaction through product innovation. Monitor Systems has build a reputation for delivering high quality, innovative integrated water systems solutions for the offshore oil & gas industry.

Monitor Systems has provided seawater and freshwater filtration, pumping and storage packages, ultraviolet and chlorine sterilization packages and completely custom engineered water systems for customers around the world.

In Detail: The Reverse Osmosis watermaker consists of pre-treatment (multi-media, bag, & cartridge filters), pumping (single-stage centrifugal) and permeation (fresh & brine water separation by reverse osmosis) sections, rigidly mounted to a single, rugged, welded-steel frame.

The simplicity of Monitor Systems watermakers allows for easy operation and maintenance in demanding offshore environments. Unique system technology provides excellent reliability and constant water production without chemicals.