Monitor Systems Engineering

Group News: August 2014

Watermaker for Rosetti Marino S.p.A.

On request, on time, on budget

reverse osmosis watermaker

Rosetti Marino based in Milano Italy, awarded Monitor Systems the design, build and supply of a compact reverse osmosis watermaker.

< left: the Reverse Osmosis Watermaker complete and ready for export.

As part of the Marlin Development Project awarded to Rosetti Marino by Foxtrot International LDC, the FD101-3 Reverse Osmosis seawater desalting plant will produce potable water from typical 17 degrees seawater.

The compact desalination watermaker will produce 11.4m3 / day of freshwater for all rig operators and staff and meets the potable offshore water requirements of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids ) < 500. The packaged unit was delivered for installation, start-up and commissioning at the Ivory Coast near Ghana.

Monitor Systems have been directly involved at enquiry through to installation and commissioning with subsequent after sales support on a number of C’treat systems for prestigious clients in the oil and gas industry.

Monitor Systems holds ‘exclusive’ distributorship of C’treat Reverse Osmosis Watermakers and associated accessories throughout Europe, Africa and exclusively for the North Sea region.

Warranty: All reverse osmosis watermakers and accessories supplied by Monitor Systems are covered by a full and comprehensive 12 months manufacturers warranty after the initial start-up of the system, which is also supervised by a designated technician. Monitor Systems also offers an optional spare parts package which covers operations for a full two year period.

Each packaged system is designed and built for simple operation and ease of maintenance. Many special system components have been developed and optimised for use in the offshore environment.