Monitor Systems Engineering

Group News: April 2016

Rig Systems Survey, ... operate safely!

Our rig survey experience has allowed us to survey hundreds of rigs worldwide

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Our technical surveys include the survey/reporting of all safety critical instrumentation and monitoring systems in hazardous and safe area environments on offshore jack-up rigs, semi-submersible rigs, platforms, drillships, support vessels and FPSO’s.

Monitor System’s rig survey experience has allowed the company to survey hundreds of rigs worldwide since 1997, supporting our clients in every corner of the globe.

Monitor Systems specialise in the design, build and installation of electrical and electronic control / monitoring
Instrumentation systems for energy industry vessels.
system surveys

Some of the system and equipment surveys that Monitor Systems undertake can be specific areas on the vessel, including ballast control & tank gauging, bulk tank monitoring, blow out preventer control, water tight door monitoring, brace & void leak detection, anchor windlass monitoring, machinery alarm monitoring, well control (HPHT) and other safety critical and monitoring systems.

The complete picture: Upon completion of a system survey, our technical engineers issue a full and detailed report, classifying any deficiencies and problems with the system, together with a full technical proposal outlining how the system could be repaired, upgraded or replaced and made more efficient. Our technical survey gives you a complete picture regarding the current operation, condition and integrity of your system and associated equipment.

Our ‘have-done’ ‘hands on’ approach relies on many proven completions. Our in-house technical knowledge allows us to design safe and robust systems, ensuring maximum efficiency and increased uptime for the operator.