Monitor Systems Engineering

Group News: 2017

Bespoke BOP Temperature Probe

Monitor Systems were asked to design, engineer, test and deliver a bespoke Intrinsically Safe BOP Temperature Probe for an offshore application.

BOP Temperature Probe Monitoring

SCOPE: Included as part of the system was a subsea display housing (featured below), mounted locally on the BOP stack for readout and clarity. The housing display is (ROV) light activated for increased efficiency. The robust stainless steel housing also contains the Intrinsically Safe 2 Wire Transmitter.

The powerful light-activated subsea display incorporats the following features:

• Wide operating voltage range 10 - 36VDC

• Standby current drain of < 5mA for extended battery life

• Fully programmable from remote PC or laptop

• Programmable “On” and “Off” times

• Two light sensors for differential, front, rear or both activation

• Programmable light sensor activation thresholds